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The content on is automatically updated every 30 minutes.

The selection and placement of stories on this website were determined automatically by computer programs. shall not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies in the news stories linked from the website. does not necessarily agree with any of the information listed on this website.

Search Tips

If you type keywords into the search form on the top of the page, can automatically return the most related search requests on a menu, and you can choose the word you want by click it on the menu.

These words are placed according to their frequencies appeared in the news stories.

If you want to search several words in your one request, use a blank " " or comma "," to separate each word. Please note a blank means "AND" while a comma means "OR" to the search program.

Limited by our servers' capacity, the program can only search for the headlines. The maximum search results are 300 headlines.

The search program is not sensible to the letter case. "CHINA" and "china" mean the same.

The search results are always ranked by the publish date of each news headlines.

Stock Information

The stock information we provided in is automatically grabbed by the computer programs, only for your reference.

There can be up to 30 minutes delay to the real transaction. So please do not use the stock information on in your transaction.

What's "Full-text"?

While some news stories on only have a headline and abstract, others may also include a full text. provides this full-text view of some stories to make it convenient for readers to read the information they need.

But the news stories published several weeks ago may not offer a full-text view any more due to copyrights. If you need to access to the full text, click the link attached to every news story to open the story's page on the publisher's Web site.

A few latest news stories may also come without full-text view. It is because the original Web page didn't publish the full text, or our program failed to analyze the content of the original page.

Email stories

If you want to keep a news story's link or like to recommend the link to your friend, you can email a story to any email address.

Put your name or your email address into the "Your name or email" blank, and the email address you want to send your letter to into the "Recipient's Email."

Please do fill the "Recipient's Email" blank with a valid email address, or your mail won't be delivered.

What's "Cached"?

"Cached" is a snapshot of the original Web page that includes the news story you are reading. stores some Web pages on its servers for analyzing and providing to readers with better user experience.

But some news stories do not have "cached" because of access failures.

The cached page may have changed since it was last cached. To see the original page of the publishers, you can click "current page."


Should you have any questions on the Web site, please feel free to contact the webmaster at [email protected]. Most enquiries will be replied.
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