Tibetan legislators update overseas Chinese in U.S. on Tibet's development

 Published: 3/16/2011 2:25:00 AM GMT
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  Qiangba Puncog(R), chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Congress, introduces China's National People's Congress(NPC) annual session and the great economic and social development in Tibet Autonomous Region during China's last 11th Five-Year Plan at a meeting with overseas Chinese in the San Francisco Bay Area, the United States, March 15, 2011. (Xinhua/Mao Lei)

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15 (Xinhua) -- The situation in China's Tibet Autonomous Region is excellent and stable, Tibetan legislators told overseas Chinese during a meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area Tuesday.

People from all ethnic groups in Tibet were now focusing on promoting development, maintaining stability and ensuring their livelihoods, in efforts to achieve a good beginning to the 12th Five-Year Plan, said Qiangba Puncog, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Congress.

Qiangba Puncog, leading a Chinese National People's Congress (NPC) delegation to the United States, is a deputy to the NPC or China's parliament, which recently concluded its annual session and endorsed the country's 12th Five-Year Progress for National Economic and Social Development.

He noted that, in the 60 years since the peaceful liberation, particularly after over the 30 years of reform and opening up, Tibet has witnessed fundamental changes with rapid economic development, improved infrastructure, remarkable growth in people's living standards, and the overall advancement of social and cultural programs.

Leaders and representatives of local Chinese communities said they would continue to promote the real Tibet to all parts of U.S. society and help the American public better understand Tibet.

They also voiced their firm opposition to fallacies and activities by the Dalai Lama clique to split China.

During their stay in the Bay Area, the delegation also held a discussion with experts and scholars at the University of California, Berkeley, on topics including Tibetan Buddhism, status of literature and arts in Tibet.

The delegation is also scheduled to visit Washington D.C. and Chicago.

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